Things To Watch Out When Looking For a Dedicated Server

The dedicated hosting market is rapidly increasing with a growth rate of 11.1% as their increasing demand for enhanced security and reliable and fast-loading websites is at its peak.

Dedicated hosting is an excellent choice if you want to host your website on a private server, but that doesn’t make it the best choice for your business.

So before directly jumping to buy a dedicated domain and hosting service for your business, let’s understand things you need to watch out for in your dedicated server in Singapore.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting, as per its name, is a hosting service with which you can rent an entire server for your application or website. It means you will have complete control over the space, resources, and configuration of your server.

Moreover, you don’t have to share your resources with other users, meaning a faster loading time and increased overall performance.

Another good thing about a dedicated server is you can choose any operating system you want. In short, you can get a Windows dedicated server hosting or invest in a Linux VPS server, depending on your requirements.

Things to look for when looking for a dedicated web hosting server

1. The hosting company

The most important thing when buying a Dedicated Server hosting is to understand whether the hosting company owns the servers and whether it takes responsibility for maintaining those servers.

 The best web hosting companies will spend ample time on the security of their servers, given that they have a reputation at stake.

They will have an expert team with years of experience so that their servers are optimized well and deliver robust speed.

 They will spend adequate money buying better hardware so that their servers are reliable.

2. Clear about your requirement

Not all Dedicated Servers offer the same things; there might be deviations in the type of CPU used, the number of cores on offer, RAM figures, etc.

The best Dedicated Server is the one that meets all your requirements. Therefore, you must have a precise idea about what you want in your dedicated server.

3. Customer Service

The most crucial area when it comes to dedicated hosting is customer service. Everyone prefers speedy resolution of grievances, especially when working with a dedicated server.

Therefore, the best option is to contact your web hosting support team before registering for the service.

Additionally, it is also good to assess which customer support channels exist.

While a ticketing system is standard, some web hosts use different types of channels, including live chat, phone support, a knowledge base, or even community forum hosting.

4. Backup

Different hosting companies offer diverse backup coverage options.

For example, how often backups are conducted, how prolonged is the storage period, how comfortable is it to restore data from archives, is it done automatically, can I control my backups?

The more comprehensive the choice, the more valuable the plan. Nevertheless, this can be done at the account level, so you only have a little to concentrate on.

5. 99.99% Uptime

Good dedicated web hosting ensures you have no downtime or minimum downtime with a 24*7 online presence, providing a satisfying user experience and further maintaining the credibility of your website.

A slow-functioning website can add to frustration and a high bounce rate, demotivating the user experience.


Therefore, it is essential to keep all these things in mind when buying your dedicated server, as buying from the wrong vendor can lead to all sorts of unavoidable problems, which can be long-term.

So, always believe in buying your Dedicated Server from a respected hosting company.