Tip To Redoing Your Office Space

To keep up with the demands of a competitive marketplace and workforce, you may find yourself needing to update your office space to stay in the game. If you’re trying to attract a younger clientele and employees who have a choice of where they work, an inviting office may be a factor in each group’s decision making.

Start Fresh

The best way to create a new vibe in your office is to clear everything out including furniture and office equipment Jackson MI. This will allow you to do two important things: paint the walls and replace the flooring. A fresh coat of paint can work wonders for sprucing up a space. Start with white and add an accent color or large logo on the wall directly behind the front doors. Old flooring, carpet especially, can get musty and stained from constant use. If it’s important that your office remain relatively quiet during the workday, put in low-pile, stain-resistant carpet. Another option is cork or vinyl plank flooring which are better at absorbing noise than hardwood.

Keep Furniture Simple

To keep your office from looking dated, go with simple, rather than heavy, furniture. Each office can have a locked cabinet to store paperwork and supplies, but the desk space should be all about clean lines. A minimalist look is both modern and sophisticated. There are many different products that can be used to create an interesting space such as light wood, chrome and glass or reclaimed materials.

Hang Local Art

One of the best ways to really make your office give off a sense of community is to hang artwork by local artists rather than bland generic art created specially to fit into any office anywhere. You can pay a retainer to a local gallery to select art for your office on a rotating basis or have a committee from your office choose a few area artists to feature.

There are many ways you can make your office space more inviting for both customers and employees. Don’t discount this important factor because for some people the atmosphere is everything.