Tips Choosing a Good Type of Roof Tile for home

Repairing the roof of a house during the rainy season is a routine activity for most Indonesians. Repairs were carried out because the roof of the house leaked. Problems like this do look simple and can be solved quite easily. It’s just that this compilation of problems keeps repeating, of course, it will be very annoying.

Therefore, planning in the housing construction process must be carried out so that the problem of a leaky roof does not become a matter of comfort for the residents of the house. One solution that you can use is to use quality leak-proof from a building supplies Sydney store. Not only that, but Sydney Roof and Building Supplies stores also provide various types of tile. Then, what type of tile can present quality and leaky roof? The following are 4 types of leak-proof tile that you can remember:

Clay tile

Tile made from clay is the most used roof type for the community. This type of leakproof home tile can be obtained at a low price. The manufacturing process is also quite simple, through the process of burning clay. In addition, the level of durability is also high, durable for years.

It’s just that this low-priced leakproof house tile has one fatal flaw. The disadvantage is its tendency to quickly mossy. As a preventive measure, you can first paint this tile surface. In addition, you also need to use a sturdy frame to install the type of clay tile.

Ceramic tile

Consideration of the type of leakage tile, the next is ceramic tile. Ceramic tile is arguably a higher version than clay tile. Moreover, both are made from clay. Only, ceramic tiles undergo further processing and then get glazing coating which makes it look shiny.

The glossy appearance of the ceramic tile makes it look more luxurious. This type of leakage tile house also has a light weight, durable, and can be installed precisely thanks to the interlock system it has. It’s just that the price of this tile is quite expensive and the installation process must also be done with a slope of at least 30 degrees in order to function optimally.

Asphalt tile

Asphalt tile is the next consideration if you want to find a quality type of leak proof tile house. This tile has a high level of resistance to fire, wind, and mold. How to install it is also quite easy, can be done on the roof with a slope between 22.5 to 90 degrees.

This type of house tile is made with a mixture of asphalt and fiberglass which then get a mineral coating. You can find this type of leakproof home tile in 2 models, namely corrugated and flat. It’s just that, asphalt tile has a price that is quite expensive, because most are imported products.

Metal tile

Finally, you might consider using metal leakage roofing tiles. This tile is made with a mixture of metals such as iron, aluminum, copper, and zinc. Metal tile is known to have high durability and is often used as a roof for building workshops and factories.

However, the level of durability and high quality that is owned by metal tile you have to pay a price that is quite expensive. In addition, the installation process must also be done carefully with special personnel.

The use of leakproof house tiles is one form of your love of residential buildings.