Tips for Choosing the Right Motorcycle According to Body Size

Choosing a motor that fits your body size is not easy. Can be too high, too low, too wide, too small, or if all aspects have been fulfilled, you don’t really like the motor body. The most important aspect of choosing and riding a motorcycle lies in terms of comfort when driving. If this aspect is not met, driving activity will be disrupted.

Select Motor Type

Each person has different tastes, make sure also if the type of motor of your choice can be in accordance with what you want and of course in accordance with posture to maximize function and safety. For example, motor sports are less suitable for short people because the foot reach to the base will be far more difficult.

If you are rather short in stature, the choice of a Honda Vision motorbike can be used as a reference. Honda Vision 110, for example, has a distance of 160 mm and land height of 770 mm. If you want to have a Honda Vision you can buy it at a dealer Wheels Honda.

Safety First

Also make sure you are not rash. To measure it, please try to check the distance between the hands to the motor transmission control section, to the distance from the chair to the feet, and make sure how easily you can reach the ground.

If your feet cannot fully touch the ground and appear to only stand on tiptoe, don’t even think about buying the motorbike even though you have all the features, prices, and models you like because it can have fatal consequences for road driving safety.

Driving Experience

It is undeniable that driving hours will also be an influence in the process of selecting a new motorbike. If the experience is already high, it is not wrong to try to try a type of motor that is somewhat inadequate to your posture, such as the type of touring motorbike for example. But if this is your first motorbike, try first to choose a motorbike that suits your needs and comfort in driving.