Tips for Packing Before Moving

Here are some tips on packing goods before moving

1. Separate fragile units from heavy items

Avoid packing sensitive units, such as units made of glass with heavy items such as items made of metal, aluminum, iron, and wood. It is also recommended you use bubble wrap to wrap fragile units to keep them safe while being transported.

2. Label different types of goods

One of the quick and practical tips when packing is to give color labels to your assets. For example, label it blue for kitchen utensils such as an oven, pans, plates, cups, yellow for items in the living room, and so on. By doing these tips, you can quickly identify each box, and you can load and unload items more rapidly and efficiently.

3. Pack clothes and necessities for the upcoming two weeks

After packing all items at home, you need to pack clothes and personal needs for the upcoming two weeks. It’s more efficient instead of having to unpack neatly packed items, arrange clothes, toiletries, and your personal needs in another suitcase – Remind your family members to do it too!

4. Emergency packing kit

This box contains items several days before and after moving. For example, tissues, rags, cleaning kits, some daily tableware, cups, and others. These tips can make it easier for you when you arrive at your new home. (You don’t have to unload piles of boxes for a roll of tissue or a cup)

5. Use garbage bags as containers for unused items

It is recommended to collect the units that will be disposed of in a black garbage bag to prevent throwing away the wrong things and other errors during packing. You can also put labels on each bag to distinguish one garbage and another.

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