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Who doesn’t want to have  a beautiful wedding party  as they dream of ? Everyone wants it, especially for those who already have soulmate  and  ready to get married, this is definitely awaited. The wedding always become  a very sacred event, and if possible held once in a lifetime. Certainly, each couple has a  dream to held a beautiful sacred wedding  and being a memorable memories  for the bride, the groom and their family especially.

It cannot be denied, that the key of a successful  wedding is well-arranged planning since the beginning. Well, you who already have a plan to arrange a wedding party, here are some useful tips to plan your wedding :

1. Wedding Organizer

Wedding Organizer  is a special service that  helping  the future bride and groom and their family in arranging  a wedding party.

Tips: You  can search for information through friends’s review who have used the service of wedding organizer, searching for information on the internet, and visiting wedding exhibitions. Pink caviar is the best wedding coordinator Sydney.

2. Calculating the Budget.

Starting  to open about financial condition to determine the wedding  budget . Because it is a very sensitive thing, from that  budget , you can manage related things  to the preparation of the wedding.  From the catering, invitations, souvenirs, decorations, make up, entertainment, photographers to wedding halls.

Tips: After calculating your wedding budget, plan to save your money for your wedding ceremony and party.

3. Determining  the number of Guests

At the wedding ceremony, all the family and friends from both sides are invited. Knowing the number of guests that will be invited since the beginning can be a good planning. This also takes effect on your wedding budget.

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