Use of Online Employee Attendance is More Practical

One type of employee discipline can be assessed through the level of attendance at the office. Each company of course, has its own standards for the attendance rate of every employee. That is why an attendance system needs to be put in place so that there is a record and proof of the presence or absence of an employee for every day. Employee attendance systems can be an important factor that can affect the overall profitability of business operations and future growth prospects. Until now, there have been many attendance systems for companies to choose from, for example, Tambla Software.

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Next, before there is a sophisticated system, employee attendance will be recorded manually by signing or calling employee names one by one. However, this turned out to be very time-consuming, less effective, and less efficient.

The way it works is by inserting the attendance card in the attendance machine opening which will then print the current date and time. If the employee is late, the attendance machine will print a different color on the employee attendance card. Then over time, the employee attendance machine has been replaced with a biometric attendance machine. Now, after entering the digital era, the use of employee absences online is very common.

Lack of Use of a Manual Attendance Machine

The use of manual attendance machines is not environmentally friendly, because it wastes the use of paper that is used as employee attendance cards.

Time in a manual attendance machine can be set manually so that employee attendance data becomes inaccurate. This, of course, can be dangerous if there are unscrupulous employees who dare to manipulate attendance data in order to appear disciplined in the eyes of superiors.

Processing employee attendance data from a manual attendance machine will take longer. For that, you must immediately switch to using an online attendance machine.

Time to Switch to Online Attendance System

Employee attendance online including attendance systems are the most recently discovered and have begun to glance a lot because they are considered the most efficient. Online attendance is developed based on the internet network, so employees can make attendance wherever they are only through their personal devices. If other types of attendance require each employee to come to the office or place where attendance machines are installed, then online attendance can be done as long as there is an internet connection. This certainly makes it easier for employees whose jobs are more involved in the field. For example the marketing department, will be very inconvenient and waste of time when going to the office just to attend and then return to work.

Companies that implement online attendance systems, do not need to buy a specific attendance machine. Only with software and special applications for online attendance that can be accessed on employee smartphones. Of course this way will save company costs. Another plus is the cost required to buy time attendance software online is not large. The price of licensed online attendance software is not very expensive and very varied. Of course it can be tailored to the needs of the company.