What is Forming?

Forming was made for the primary methods for producing metal products in the aviation industry, for the automotive industry, and more. Even everyday items that we use such as soda cans are examples of metal forming manufacturing.

When most of us think about manufacturing using sheet metal, we usually picture the idea of cutting tables and or even welding. Forming is a method that’s used to make a wide range of metal products including soda cans, doors, airplane wings and more. Punching metal into the proper form or shape of a part or product is essentially what formation does. There’s two main types of forming including brake forming and press breaking.

Break Forming

Brake forming is one of the oldest forms of metal fabrication that still is used today. Under this method, a piece of metal or sheet will be formed along a straight axis in a machine. A punch will be pressed into the metal at force and form the metal into a desired shape. Setting up the press brake machine to work and form the ideal shape in the metal often requires an experienced operator and the right tools.

By using a combination of brake forming and press breaking to produce various angles and metal fabrication, a company can make sure that metal takes on a variety of precision forms which can be designed for complete products, product components and more.

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