Why You Should Hire A Truck Accident Lawyer

If you drive down the highway, you will notice many large trucks on the road. Since it takes specialized training and skills to operate these vehicles, drivers are considered to be some of the best professionals on the road. However, with so many vehicles on today’s roads, accidents involving large trucks garner tremendous attention. Unfortunately, when these accidents occur, severe injuries and deaths often result. However, many are quick to assume the truck driver is at fault for the accident, when in fact this may not be the case. Yet if a truck driver does not have legal representation from a California truck accident attorney who knows how to defend truckers in these situations, the results can be devastating. Along with being found liable in a lawsuit, a driver can also lose their CDL and possibly even face criminal penalties. If you are a truck driver who has been involved in an accident that was not your fault, here is why you should always make it a priority to hire the best personal injury lawyer you can find.

Crash for Cash Schemes
Since it is very common for truck drivers to be assigned blame when involved in an accident with a passenger vehicle, many unscrupulous drivers may try to get away with what is known as a crash for cash scheme. Working in pairs, one driver will position their vehicle so that it is hit by the truck, while the other driver will be a witness who conveniently happens to be in the right place at the right time and sees everything unfold. If this scheme is performed well, truck drivers find themselves in a precarious position. However, if they hire an experienced truck accident attorney who is familiar with these schemes, it is possible the con game can be exposed before a trucker’s personal and professional lives are ruined. Once an experienced California truck accident attorney begins examining the case, they can often find the other drivers have a history of being involved in accidents involving large trucks, allowing them to build a case against them.

Equipment Issues
In some accidents where large trucks are involved, the accident is caused by equipment issues with the truck. However, that does not mean the driver is at fault for the accident. In many situations, drivers who are employed by trucking companies may be driving trucks that have not been properly maintained or inspected prior to being put on the road. Whether it is faulty brakes or tires, suspension, or problems with trailer hitches, these problems can result in very serious accidents. Yet by showing the trucking company knew of these problems and failed to provide the truck driver with equipment that was safe to be on the road, an experienced attorney can help the truck driver maintain their excellent reputation and ability to continue their career.

Inaccurate Records
Since truck drivers are required to follow numerous state and federal regulations related to how long they are allowed to drive before taking a break, log books and other records can be crucial in proving a truck driver was not at fault for an accident. However, there are times when company records are not properly maintained, making it appear as if the truck driver violated company rules or perhaps federal regulations. In addition, there are times when on-board technology that records a truck’s speed, braking, and other aspects of being on the road malfunction. No matter the situation, it is imperative a truck driver work with an attorney who understands these possibilities, how to have them properly investigated, and then use the results in court to show the truck driver was not at fault for the accident.

Reckless Drivers
As stated earlier, the majority of people are quick to blame a big rig driver when an accident occurs. However, there are many times when the driver of a passenger vehicle is behaving in a careless and negligent manner while behind the wheel. From driving in excess of the speed limit, changing lanes without proper signaling, or following a large truck too closely, these and other situations can result in serious accidents. To make sure a truck driver is not charged by mistake with causing the accident, an attorney will need to not only obtain a copy of the accident report filed by police, but also speak to witnesses to find out what they saw prior to the accident. By combining this information with other evidence, the best personal injury lawyer will be able to develop a winning strategy.

Suing the Other Driver
While most people assume truck drivers do not suffer serious injuries in these accidents, that is not always the case. In fact, many truck drivers find themselves suffering a variety of serious injuries including head injuries, back injuries, whiplash, and broken bones or lacerations. When these injuries happen, a truck driver may be forced to endure months of medical treatment, leaving them unable to work. When this happens, it will be important to sue the other driver in order to gain compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Yet in most of these cases, the other driver’s attorney and insurance company will fight hard to prove the trucker caused the accident and was not as seriously injured as they claim. To keep these parties from winning the case, a truck driver will need to rely on a California truck accident attorney who is determined to see that justice is served and those responsible for the accident are held accountable for their actions.

Fighting the Insurance Companies
When an accident involves a large truck, insurance companies often fight very hard to keep from paying out any damages, especially to the truck driver. To do so, they may try to contact a trucker and intimidate them into admitting the accident was their fault. If this strategy is not successful, they may instead try to convince the truck driver to accept a low settlement offer in an effort to resolve the case. Unfortunately for truckers who may not have proper legal representation, they jump at the chance to get what they perceive to be a fair settlement. However, what they fail to realize is that the money offered by insurance companies rarely pays for all medical expenses, much less lost wages and pain and suffering. Therefore, when contacted by an insurance company, never immediately accept a settlement offer or offer to provide them details of the accident. Instead, refer the insurance company to your attorney. By doing so, you will guarantee your legal rights will be protected each step of the way as your case plays out.

Due to the numerous complexities involved in large truck accidents, it is crucial you as the truck driver put your trust in the best personal injury lawyer available to you. By doing so, your attorney can discuss your case in detail with you, explain your options, and make a recommendation as to how you should proceed. Rather than let a careless driver of a passenger vehicle or an uncaring trucking company ruin your career and personal life, hire a knowledgeable attorney who understands these cases and will fight hard to protect your rights.