Scientists say it is potential to program self-driving cars to make moral decisions the same manner humans would. Earlier than… More arriving at MIT Expertise Overview in early 2012, I spent 5 years as a expertise reporter at the Associated Press, covering firms together with Apple, Amazon, and eBay, and penning reviews. Medical technology can also be experiencing parallels with Star Trek – the University of Washington is experimenting with a tricorder-like tool to scan patients and assist diagnose illnesses.

A replicator was a device on Star Trek that used transporter technology to dematerialize quantities of matter and then rematerialize that matter in another kind. Todays quick paced technology interprets into a rising number of challenges for electrical engineers.

Objective-line know-how assists ice hockey and football referees resolve whether or not the ball was in or out. Developments in MMIC/MIC expertise have enabled vital reductions in receiver mass, energy, and …

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