Why You Should Install Motion Sensor Lighting Outdoors

Installing a front door motion sensor light can be quite useful for homeowners for numerous reasons. Motion sensor technology is found in a lot of devices, appliances, and machinery likewise. Motion sensor activated escalators, motion sensor lighting which is also referred to as smart lights, and even cameras that now feature alerts triggered by motion detection.

How do motion detectors work exactly? Well, this technology is built to detect infrared waves, also known as heat waves that are radiated from any moving object like humans, animals, and cars. Anything that has warmer radiation triggers the motion sensors that then trigger whatever they are connected to – lights, escalators, etc.

So why is it that, it is encouraged to get motion sensor lighting, especially for the outdoors? Homeowners can find that installing motion sensor lighting in areas like their front door, garage doors, walkways, and even in their front or backyards can be quite advantageous. Here are some reasons that help understand why motion sensor lights are not only useful but great for any home.


Why Should You Install Motion Sensor Lights


Motion sensor lights switch on anytime there is movement detected within the set parameter of the device or the light. So whether it is an intruder, your teenager sneaking back home after curfew, or even a raccoon, these lights automatically switch on the second anything moves.

Although there are other means of home security like security cameras, alarm systems, smart locks, which are great and provide homeowners with the kind of security and peace of mind one would want, motion sensor lighting on the other hand is also ideal for keeping intruders out and providing homeowners with the added security that they would need.

Save Money

Rather than keeping the front yard or backyard lights, or even the garage or walkway lights on throughout the night, motion sensor lighting allows for homeowners to cut back on the extra electrical bill that they would otherwise have to bear, along with the added benefit of saving energy in the process. Who wouldn’t want to cut back on their bills and save on unnecessary energy consumption?

Ward Off Critters

Anything from raccoons, skunks, rabbits that can ruin your new flowerbed or the freshly mowed lawn, motion sensor lighting keeps such animals away. That is because these animals are frightened by bright lights, and a light suddenly shining out onto the yard can scare them away.


Motion sensor lights can allow for visibility in the dark for homeowners. You wouldn’t have to fumble for your keys in the bag, or find the keyhole trying to unlock the front door, and nor would you step on the flowers your mom planted along the walkway of the front yard. And in the event that anything else triggers the light, it gives homeowners a clear view of the landscape anyway just to make sure everything’s alright.


Sengled Smart Outdoor Motion Sensor Floodlight

A great option if you’re looking to install an outdoor motion sensor light, is the Sengled Smart LED Floodlight. This floodlight was made for the outdoors, with its Smartsense LED bulb that features built-in motion sensor technology. The light can detect movement within 30 feet of itself, and stays lit for 90 seconds after switching on.

For $29.99, the Sengled Smart Floodlight does not require any central hub, nor does it require any extra fixture or tricky installment. So how does it work? The Sengled Smart Floodlight tracks movement within a 100-degree field of vision, and when something approaches within 30 feet, the light turns on. It’s the perfect light to install for your front and backyards as well as the side alleys, or the garage driveway, and pool and patio area if there is one in your home.


Where Should You Install Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

As great as they are for the outdoors, homeowners should know ideally where they should be installing motion sensor lighting, otherwise, they can be quite pointless. The main point of outdoor motion sensor lighting is to provide visibility and keep a home secure, without wasting electricity unnecessarily in the process.

It is said that sensor lights or just lights, in general, should be installed at every entryway or approach point of a home on the outside, for obvious reasons. So where should you really be installing outdoor motion sensor lights?

  • front door
  • backdoor
  • driveways
  • front yard
  • backyard
  • pool area
  • patio
  • fence gates
  • outside stairway if there is one


Motion sensor technology has made its way into numerous devices, appliances and machinery and for all the right reasons. Similarly, motion sensor lighting is great for both, indoors and outdoors for any home. There are several types and variants of these lights available to the domestic market, so if you’re looking to get any for your home check out FirstEnergy Home’s website for a complete catalog of outdoor lights.